When your gift set arrives, the first thing you'll want to do is practice the spelling, letter size, spacing and placement of your baby's name on the enclosed "practice tag" sheet of paper. Then, it's time to copy what you've practiced (name & birth year) onto the top line of the fabric label inside the garment. You'll find a Forever-Alls permanent ink laundry marker that is designed to write on your tag. Ballpoint pens and other felt markers will not work.

The Legend of Hammie-Downz picture book is also inside in your gift set.
This is a great way to introduce reading to your baby.

We have also included two additional items that will make beautiful nursery decorations: our soft Hammie-Downz® Plush Pig and a bright and colorful family tree which can be filled out and framed. When your baby grows out of their Forever-Alls®, it's time to store them in a safe place until your grandchildren arrive. Your Hammie-Downz keepsake tin box and cardboard storage carton are made to last and protect their contents for many years to come. Someday when your child starts a family of their own, they'll add the names and birth years of their children on the lines below their name at the top of the special name tag. Then, their children can also learn to crawl and walk in these very same overalls. The tradition continues as your Forever-Alls are handed-down for generations and the gift becomes a treasured family heirloom. Ordering your Forever-Alls Gift Set is easy. Just click on the "Shop" cloud above.