"Any baby shower without Hammie-Downz is like a picnic without potato salad!
Somebody has to bring this gift!"

Lana Raso, Leslie MO

My granddaughter was expecting to get a stroller, diaper bag and all of the other usual gifts.
When she opened the Forever-Alls gift I gave her, it was the best moment of the whole baby shower.

Diana Martin, Dallas TX

No other gift works for every baby, every time like Hammie-Downz.
Baby girl or boy, I know the baby's family will absolutely love it.
Giving this gift just feels good

Linda Cottone, Chicago IL

My family has always had a "soft spot" for great sentimental things like this.
When we found this gift and learned that the Hammie character in the story shares our family's last name too . . . WOW!

Jessica Downing, Boston MA

By giving the Forever-Alls gift set I will have started something that will live on in my family.
I love knowing that my great grandchildren will be a part of this

Barbara Vincent, San Diego CA