Piggy Magazine Interview with
"World’s Greatest Clothesmith"
December 2008

Q: Why are the overalls you make called Forever-Alls?

A: The people of Springtail, where I live, began calling them Forever-Alls when they realized that the special overalls I make lasted a very long time!

Q: The fabric and construction is really fantastic. Do you ever think you will "cut corners" and make them quicker and cheaper?

A: No short cuts. My name is on the clothes, they have to be the best. In fact, my name is the same as my father and grandfather so I have to honor them properly. Did you notice the extra snaps where the straps meet the bib? None of those uncomfortable buckles where baby's fingers get tangled.

Q: So being "Henry the Third" means your actual name is also a "Hammie-Down"?

A: Bingo, you’re a bright fellow.