Q: Did you really learn to crawl and walk in Forever-Alls?

A: Yes I did, and they are the very same Forever-Alls that my Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather all learned to crawl and walk in. They've been in my family for many generations, that’s why they are so special and why I’m making Forever-Alls for children all over the world.

Q: Why the tin box for your Forever-Alls? Why not cardboard or plastic?

A: It always seemed that people get attached to tin boxes. I have never seen anyone throw one away. Whether they get cookies, coffee or fruitcake in them, tin boxes always get saved for something. Look around your garage or near the sewing machine. And, I wanted the best. After all, Forever-Alls are a special gift, so when it’s time to pack them away you've got the best.

Q: Can the things you make be sent to anywhere in the U.S.A.?

A: Of course they can - "From The Underdownz To Your Town." Those words are in a frame on my wall and every word is true. Try it sometime!