In 1996, Tim Dinan founded the Hammie-Downz Brand Clothing Co.
The idea came from a conversation Tim was having with his wife about starting their family. The following day, he hand sketched the Hammie-Downz logo, and the official trademark registration process began.

The Legend of Hammie-Downz children's book was now in the process of being written.
The book told the story of Henry Downing III, a humble pig whose superior
clothes making skills earned him the name: "Hammie-Downz, the World's Greatest Clothesmith."
The book was beautifully illustrated by artist Tom Fagan, and was sold online as well as in all of the major bookstores
worldwide. During the bookstore signing events, children would often bring articles of their own clothing to donate to other children in need. The book helped us sell our initial line of clothing.

In 2000, Tim began developing the Forever-Alls® gift set. A 3-D animated film was created to showcase the gift to media companies. The film also featured the additional characters and stories and described the vast merchandising potential of the brand. We look forward to seeing Hammie, and the rest of the characters, in an animated series for television soon.